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Reader's Review

A thorough read-through of your draft manuscript or work in progress with a two page (800-1000 word) report on its major strengths and weaknesses. 

Up to 90,000 words: £250


When you have implemented the editorial comments and suggestions, we can give your manuscript a final read-through for consistency and polish.


Up to 90,000 words: £300

Line Edit

This provides a detailed line-by-line edit of your work, identifying logical inconsistencies and factual inaccuracies, correcting continuity, grammatical and spelling errata, and advising on vocabulary and pace. 

Up to 90,000 words: £1,500


We can help you collate your poems into a collection and provide sensitive editing to enable each poem to work both on its own terms and in terms of the overall collection.



Reading up to 100 poems to agree and edit a collection of up to 40 poems: £500

Structural Edit

This includes a Line Edit and also provides an in-depth examination of the structure of the novel,  commenting on areas such as voice, POV, timing, characterisation, setting, and structure. 

Up to 90,000 words: £2,500

Short Stories

An initial read-through and short Reader’s Review, followed by a Line Edit.

Up to 1,000 words: £100

Up to 5,000 words: £300

Up to 10,000 words: £500

Collections (up to 90,000 words): £3,000

Flash fiction

Up to 1,000 words: £100


Short Story Collections

Up to 90,000 words: £3,000

After editing, your work will be returned to you perfectly formatted for submission to an agent or printer, with consistent spacing and paragraph/character styles throughout.

Other services include:
Self-publication: we can also prepare your work for publishing via Amazon as an eBook and/or a paperback. This includes all correct formatting for the specification of both text and dimensions, adherence to all the required guidelines, advice on ISBN and barcode, cover design, advice on ‘blurb’ and uploading.  £300

Mentoring: If you have a brilliant idea but simply don’t know where to start, or your work has flagged and is not developing quite the way you wish, we can recommend our mentoring service. Each month we will read and edit up to 5000 words and offer a one-hour tutorial via Zoom, covering essential skills such as POV, character-building, tense, voice and pace. £200 per month

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