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Brenda Hurley

I first met Claire Steele in 2019 at a writing workshop at Queens Park Centre, Aylesbury. I had written a book, Ghostly Embrace and self-published. I knew I wanted to continue developing as a writer. Her teaching method was exciting and unique. It pushed at my boundaries in a very caring and positive way. Claire has a deep sensitivity to words and an understanding of how to make a piece of writing live, to become vital, dramatic, or tender and sympathetic.

She has edited my second novel, Ghostly Return, the sequel to Ghostly Embrace, advising me and keeping the story sharp.

 Claire is processing my third novel, Luna Dance, in which I can see that my writing has become more professional. Claire walks the path with me through the chapters. She shares my writing journey. Claire’s natural sharing nature nourishes all her writers whatever stage they have reached.

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